Welcome to Afritransport cc

We are a customer-focused freight carrier and logistics services provider, with dedicated people – in the office and on the road – Afritransport cc is a highly respected core partner and preferred carrier for a wide range of Corporates and Blue Chip Companies in South Africa.

We take pride in our people, and our people take care of our customers by exceeding expectations and delivering results.

Afritransport CC specializes in the Transportation of:

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At Afritransport cc, Our delivery boundaries stretch beyond South-Africa , as we can help facilitate deliveries going into Africa, via carrier alliances and partnership services.

As South Africa’s transportation specialist, our goal is not only to meet your standards and expectations but to exceed them.

Welcome to Afriwaste Management cc

Afriwaste Management cc is a division of The AFRIGROUP of Companies, specializing in offering businesses a peace of mind, 1 stop Waste management Solution that concentrates on the recovery of recyclable material from waste that would ordinarily be destined to be dumped on land-fill sites.Afriwaste Management cc services its customers in all phases of the waste paper and plastic recycling industry. Our services are offered to all waste paper and plastics generators, waste paper and plastic packers, paper mills,packaging producers, chain store operations, municipalities, importers, exporters etc.

We are the industry experts in creating top value from all grades of scrap paper from newspaper and corrugated to deinking high grades and pulp substitutes. Over the years Afriwaste Management cc has improved the marketability of scrap paper and plastics by skillfully matching sources with consumers who will take full advantage of the generator's grades of scrap paper. In addition, we squeeze additional value out of scrap paper by helping printers and other suppliers apply the latest technology for collection, segregation, baling and shipping.

The core business of Afriwaste Management cc is the purchase and sale of scrap paper. We are independent, so you do not have to worry about conflicts of interest or divided loyalties. When we act on behalf of a supplier, we represent the supplier's interest in the market for all grades during good times and bad.

Dedicated People, Personal Service, Marketing Expertise, Competitive Pricing and a Track Record of Excellent Service...it all comes down to one thing: Afriwaste Management cc has the marketing and technical expertise, the financial strength, state-of-the-art plant and machinery and the experienced and dedicated people to always maximize the value of waste paper and plastics. We offer a full range of services that business deserve.

Ariwaste Managment cc specializes in the recycling of:

Afriwaste Managment cc can help your business or organization generate an income by establishing a recycling innitiative. We are here to RECYCLE YESTERDAYS TRASH INTO TOMORROWS GOLD