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Afritransport cc

The Transportation division of the company started full operation in 2004 By two brothers, Muqhtar and Nadir Dosani, with a modest fleet of vehicles and a limited cash flow. From humble beginnings and against all odds and varying market conditions, the brothers have driven Afritransport cc from strength to strength with a phenomenal growth rate. The company now owns a substantial fleet of vehicles which enables us to compete with much larger players in the market. Due to strategic guiding business principles, we are able to keep our fixed costs to a minimal in order to offer our customers the benefit of lower transport costs thus enabling our customers to pass such saving to the man in the street. This is achieved without compromising our quality and dependability of service delivery.

Afritransport cc has since incorporated 2 more divisions, namely our Construction Division, and our Earth Moving Division.

Afritransport cc has been the carrier of choice for many businesses situated in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal. This is due to the Afritransport's young and vibrant team's high level of commitment to deliver service excellence to all our customers. We believe that Afritransport cc has what it takes to get the job done on time, every time.


The Waste Management division of the Group Afriwaste Management cc started operation in 2006, by trading in wastepaper and fibre. The company went from handling 400 Tons per annum to its current output of 10000 Tons of Wastepaper, plastics and Fibre each year, and through seamless relationships with leaders in the industry, is growing at a rapid rate. Afriwaste Management cc is currently supplying Waste Paper and Plastics to a number of Paper Mills and Plastic extruders in the Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal Areas.

Plastic recycling contributes to about 20% of Afriwaste Management's business. The plastic raw material processed by Afriwaste Management cc is a sought after commodity in the market place due to the consistent quality of raw material supplied to customers. This is achieved as Afriwaste Management maintain a high level of quality control as well as a team of experts that keep a close eye on our state of the art processing plants. Our processing plants consist of the following processes: Sorting, Granulating, Washing and drying. Future plans are to incorporate a fully automated palletizing line to our process line.

Afriwaste Management cc has become the Recycling partner of Choice by many large corporates in South Africa due to our level of Honesty, Integrity and Personal involvement by the directors themselves in all the company's recycling initiatives. We believe that personal involvement by our entire team in all our projects and initiatives has been the main ingredient in the recipe to our successes.


Muqhtar Dosani

As we are well into our 5th year of business , we have reached a point where we think we know what we are doing and why we do it. We’ve made mistakes and had many successes and some humorous events as well. In the past five years we have won most of the contracts and projects for which we have submitted proposals, and our track record on these contracts and Projects are by and large excellent. The reader will please excuse me if I don’t highlight mistakes made here — well you can figure out why. But in large part, we have succeeded because we quickly respond to mistakes and learn from them. There is nothing like a mistake to keep one’s arrogance in check.

There are several reasons discussed below why we succeed.

Firstly, we say ALL Praise is due to ALLAH without whom nothing is possible . With the well wishes and Prayers of our parents we have been blessed by the Almighty with opportunities and the ability to to find solutions to problems that have been eminent in the industry for years. In many cases we have devized revolutionary systems by the approach of treating the CAUSE and not the SYMPTOMS that has resulted in ground breaking sustainable problem solving initiatives that have brought us to where we are today.
Commitment to service excellence by all our people from management level to our labour force, everyone fully understanding the need to be totally committed to working towards a common purpose. That purpose is to become market leaders in all facets of our group of companies and to become a benchmark for others to follow suite.
Honesty and integrity in all our business dealings is of utmost importance to us. We strive to establish ethical and fair working business relationships with our customers and suppliers. We believe that trust is not given, it is earned.
We believe that he recipe to success in business is as follows: 2.5% HARD WORK + 2.5% BRAIN POWER + 95% GODS HELP = 100% SUCCESS
That’s enough for now, and we certainly hope you will find it valuable with either one of the groups divisions doing work for you. We want your business and we promise to keep faith with your ideals and the quality of our products and services.


Muqhtar Dosani

Afritransport cc and Afriwaste Management cc.